Work and travel on budget! Amazing experience! 

Unlocking the mystery behind Africa! With us, you can volunteer while travelling to see more of Africa.  

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This program is for families, friends, co-workers and individuals who wants to take some time off their busy schedules to travel and also do some volunteering work.  


Age requirement: 9 years to 70 years  We have something for everyone. No previous skills required.

Duration for the program: 1 week to 2 weeks.


The program is to strengthened relationships among families, among friends, among co-workers and also to encourage teamwork. Together, a goal is set and successfully completed within the short time of stay.  

It is easy to join this program. You own this project. You lead the project. You direct and control the project. You manage the funds yourself. Our duty is to show you the way and connect you to the project. We are with you from start to finish.


As a volunteer, you have the option of participating in active activities such assisting in renovation work at the schools/orphanage (Painting work, fixing broken roof, floors, windows, doors, writing desks, plumbing work), teaching English, having fun with the kids in the orphanage, assisting  with a community water and sanitation project, tree planting and many more.


For less fee, you can choose to stay longer, travel to more than one country and do multiple program.


Accommodation, Meals,  weekend sightseeing, 24/7 supervision, WiFi modem for Internet connection at the host family (Please return the modem after your program) local sim card, safety, airport receive/transfer, certificate of participation, orientation, program search, host family search, transportation during orientation, transportation to the placement the first day, donation towards your placement, donation to other communities projects, programs, and cancer association.

Commencement of the programs: Anytime! All year round program

How long are the placements? 1-week minimum and 2 weeks maximum

Are there any requirements for participation? No previous experience is necessary. Volunteer/intern must be 9 years and above. 

Location: South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Tanzania and Uganda, 

Name of the airport: Depend on which country(s) interest you.

How do the volunteers get from the airport: Airport pick up included.

Accommodation: Homestay or independent accommodation 

How far from home do volunteers work? 5 to 10 minutes by public transport - This excludes traffic.

How can the volunteers do their laundries? Volunteers do their own laundries with hands

Is Food provided in the accommodation?  Meals are provided. Mainly. local food. We also make a provision for vegetarians.

What are the visa specifications for the program? Tourist visa, Volunteer visa or working permit visa. Visa Can be obtained at the high commission of the country(s) of interest in your country or upon arrival at the airport in Africa.

Vaccines: Yellow fever is very important

Safety: We are 24/7 there with you in the country making sure you are safe.

The community is very safe. We recommend you go out with friends at night to have fun.  During the day, you don't need anyone to go out with.

What are the daily activities? Full details of volunteer daily activities are included in the placement details to be sent to you.

Working hours: Volunteers work Monday to Friday. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday are free for the volunteers. Those working on the farm have a different schedule of work. 

Currency: depend on the country(s) that interest you.

Are there any ATMs available near the home/work? There are ATMs at the airport and near your host family/ workplace.