Every child deserves better life. While volunteering won’t pay bills, it’s very interesting and rewarding to give back to the communities by providing something unique that communities don’t have. How cool is that! Come and join us in the construction of Foster Parents home! 

The purpose of Foster Parents home (FPH) is to eradicate overcrowding in the orphanages and lack of intimate personal parent and child relationship in the orphanages. FPH is to provide the children with parents whom they can call mothers and fathers hence in return get that parent love they are always longing for.

FPH also support and enhance child ability to excel at school. AT FPH children are thought how to go about duties in the house, provides formal education and skills developments. Attached to FPH is a school for the general public, public library, youth centre. Our program provides architects and non-architects with an opportunity to strengthen their skills set and expand their professional network.  

There is something for everyone to do.  From the construction work to renovation work on the existing building. Swing paint brushes, pound nails, fixing the windows, doors, the roof, the broken walls, plumbing work, electrical work, concreting the floor, fixing the furniture in the classrooms, painting, artwork, landscaping and having fun with the children on site.

Which country do you want to go? You can also choose multiple countries. 
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